Anti Corruption policy


At OTI Group, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and fostering a culture of integrity throughout our organization. We firmly believe in conducting business in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner. 

This No Corruption Policy extends to all directors, staff members, contracted employees, subcontractors, and project partners associated with OTI Group. Compliance with this policy is mandatory, and all individuals must act in accordance with its principles. By adhering to these standards, we collectively demonstrate our unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and responsible business conduct.

The maintenance of high ethical standards, in compliance with national and international laws, is a guiding principle of the Organisation and pervades all its activities and functions. The Organisation is committed to the implementation of its work and activities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable national and EU legislation and business ethics and its commitment is embodied in this Code. The Organisation considers that, at the company level, participation in corruption phenomena damages the reputation, credibility of the company itself in the market, causes criminal consequences, civil liabilities and other legal risks and financial damage (in the case of fines), increases the operational costs, hurts staff loyalty and loyalty, creates a negative mindset and culture and causes exclusion from potential business opportunities. After all, the prohibition of corrupt practices is a point of reference in general for the orderly functioning of the economy, development and evolution.

For this reason, the Organisation implements its professional activity with strict ethical compliance procedures, demonstrating zero tolerance for Bribery & Corruption practices and complete professional integrity during its professional transactions, relationships and transactions. Promoting a culture of ethics and integrity is a paramount factor in maintaining the trust of those who do business with the Organisation.

The purpose, therefore, of this Anti-corruption and Bribery Code is the full compliance of the company, its employees and its external partners with the applicable relevant legislation at national and EU level.

Please ensure that you read, understand and comply with this Policy.

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