Digital Animation as an Educational Tool in the Classroom


Transform Your Teaching with Animation: Dive into Digital Creativity!

Welcome to our cutting-edge course, "Digital Animation as an Educational Tool in the Classroom," expertly crafted for teachers and educators like you! Are you ready to bring a wave of excitement and engagement to your classroom? Our course, leveraging the power of Adobe Character Animator, is your gateway to making this a reality.

Imagine your lessons coming alive with captivating animations and charismatic cartoon characters, all created by you. This course doesn't just teach you the nuts and bolts of digital animation; it unlocks a world where your teaching methods are boundless. You’ll learn to develop unique, animated narratives that resonate with your students, making complex concepts easily digestible and infinitely more enjoyable.

Whether you're tech-savvy or new to digital tools, our step-by-step guidance makes mastering Adobe Character Animator a breeze. You'll gain hands-on experience in creating dynamic characters and interactive animations that respond to real-time classroom scenarios.

This course is more than just a skill upgrade; it's an opportunity to revolutionize your teaching approach, making your classroom a hub of creativity and innovation. Embrace the future of education, empower your teaching, and leave a lasting impact on your students. Join us now and animate your way to an unforgettable educational experience!

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The program is specifically designed for educators, including primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, teaching assistants, curriculum developers, education consultants, educational researchers, college professors, vocational trainers, early childhood educators, educational technology specialists, school counselors, literacy coaches, language instructors, and physical education teachers.

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The exact details related to the cultural activities will available soon.

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  • Familiarise with Adobe Character Animator software
  • Creating a Basic Puppet in Adobe Illustrator
  • Rigging your puppet
  • Learning about Actions and Triggers for bringing to life the puppet
  • Lip sync and Camera Sync
  • Creating our first video or live session with our animated puppet for teaching in the classroom
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In our courses, we focus on interactive and practical learning methods. We engage in hands-on activities, foster group discussions, and undertake collaborative projects to make learning engaging. Our approach includes integrating innovative educational technologies, aiming to enhance teaching effectiveness. We ensure that these methods equip educators with practical skills and insights that can be directly applied in their teaching environments.

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Day 1: Introduction to Digital Animation in Education

  • Welcome and Course Overview
  • The Role of Animation in Modern Education
  • Introduction to Adobe Character Animator: Basic Features and Interface 
  • Getting Started with Pre-Designed Characters
  • Basic Movements and Lip Syncing Techniques
  • Hands-On Practice: Creating Simple Animations

Day 2: Character Design and Customization

  • Principles of Character Design in Education
  • Customizing Characters in Adobe Character Animator
  • Importing Custom Artwork and Assets
  • Workshop: Designing Your Own Educational Character
  • Feedback and Sharing Sessions with Peers

Day 3: Advanced Animation Techniques

  • Advanced Rigging Techniques for More Complex Movements
  • Using Triggers and Sliders for Interactive Animations
  • Incorporating Audio and Sound Effects
  • Hands-On Project: Creating an Interactive Educational Scene
  • Group Critiques and Discussions

Day 4: Integrating Animations into Lesson Plans

  • Strategies for Integrating Animations into Various Subjects
  • Collaborative Lesson Planning with Animation
  • Discussion on Assessing Student Engagement and Learning
  • Group Workshop: Developing an Animated Lesson Plan
  • Presentations of Lesson Plans and Group Feedback

Day 5: Final Projects and Course Wrap-Up

  • Developing and Finalizing Individual Projects
  • One-on-One Support and Guidance
  • Final Presentations of Projects
  • Course Reflections and Feedback
  • Discussion on Continuing Development and Learning Resources
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We will issue an EQF5 certificate with the successful completion of the course.


The Europass Mobility Certification will be given on the last day of the course.

What Kind of Certification?

Europass Mobility Certification is a document that records the skills and competencies acquired by an individual during a training period in another European country. This certification is part of the Europass framework, which aims to improve the transparency of qualifications and competencies across Europe. The Mobility Certification is particularly valuable for individuals who have participated in exchange programs, internships, or training sessions abroad, as it provides official recognition of their learning experiences and achievements in an international context.

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