Protecting Online Integrity: Temporary Ban on IPs of India Navi Mumbai Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and India Bengaluru Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd, a leading online job listing and recruitment platform, recently faced an alarming issue of consistent spamming and creation of fake accounts by an unidentified user.

Merge of Social Media Channels

Big news! 🔊 Our social media accounts are merging into one central hub! 🚀
Important Announcement about our Social Media Channels

OTI Group Branding Journey


OTI Group 

OTI Group Branding Journey

In a world of branding and visual identity, it is not always easy to change what the world has grown to know, not to mention that in some cases such changes could cost millions when it comes to preserving your brand.

OTI’s logo used to be simple yet complex, coming from the name One Terrene International which means One World International, the old logo had the globe as a main focal point, since it is the world, we aim to preserve and maintain.

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