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Safeguarding Report Form
If you have knowledge that a child might be at risk of harm, please complete this form to the best of your knowledge.

Please note that child protection concerns must be reported (orally or in writing) at OTI or OTI Group (preferably within the same working day) – depending on the urgency, you may wish to complete this form before contacting the CPF or you may wish to complete the report afterwards.

Also, use this form to report an accident or incident. An accident is an unplanned event that results in an injury or could have resulted in an injury or results in damage to equipment or property OR harm to the environment. An incident is an unpleasant or unusual event.

The report should be written and signed only by you to guarantee confidentiality. This form will be held in a safe and secure place and treated with the strictest confidentiality.

All data provided within this form will be handled according to the GDPR laws applicable and as mentioned in our Privacy Policy in the Policy Center.

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Declarations & Consent

By signing and submitting this form you confirm that the details submitted are true to the best of your knowledge and that you have read all related Policies.

This document describes the Policy applied by the Organisations to explain the measures such as screening and selecting employees and volunteers who work with children, reporting and responding to suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, maintaining a code of conduct for working with children, providing regular training and education on child protection issues, and creating a safe environment for children.

The need for a child protection policy

‘All organisations and professionals working or in contact with children are obliged to ensure their operations are ‘child safe’ and therefore need to have a Child Protection Policy’.

OTI Group needs a child protection policy because:

Organisation staff are protected: All children have a right to freedom from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation, based on the UNCRC. It is, therefore, the responsibility of OTI Group to ensure that all its activities, policies, projects and programmes are ‘child safe’. This means that staff do not represent a risk to children and that programmes, policies and practices can be designed and developed in ways that promote the protection of children.

Children are protected:  Some children are in particular vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and ill-treatment at the hands of carers, project workers, and those with access to their personal information. Many children growing up in vulnerable circumstances have already experienced ruptured relationships of trust or abuse of an adult-child relationship in the form of physical, psychological or sexual abuse.

The organisation and its reputation are protected:  Organisations working with vulnerable children have been, are and will continue to be vulnerable to abuse until the issues are brought into the open. Organisations without protection policies, guidelines and systems are more vulnerable to false or malicious accusations of abuse.

Without a proper child protection policy and child protection standards in place, allegations of abuse, whether founded or unfounded, can destroy an organisation’s reputation. This will have serious implications for fundraising as well as damaging the reputation of the children’s rights NGO sector as a whole.

This Policy is developed to ensure the highest standards of professional behaviour and personal practice to ensure no harm occurs in any situation to children during their involvement in any OTI Group activities or projects.

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