Equality, diversity & Inclusion


OTI Group and its subsidiaries were founded upon power-sharing, equality, diversity, inclusion and involvement in youth and adult education, dignity and respect. Every aspect, of the social enterprise we offer and create, is guided by these principles and all our project ideas are driven and quality-controlled by our users.

We take matters of equality and diversity extremely seriously whether these relate to our project and service delivery, recruitment and training.

The Equality and Diversity Policy covers all OTI employees, volunteers, interns, board members and users irrespective of their status, level or grade. The Policy provides guidance only. It applies but is not limited to, advertising of jobs, recruitment and selection, training and development, opportunities for promotion, conditions of service, benefits and facilities and pay, health and safety and conduct at work, grievance and disciplinary procedures and termination of employment, including redundancy. However, neither this Policy nor any part of its contents forms part of any employee’s contract of employment. OTI may alter, add to or depart from this Policy at any time at its discretion. It is important that you read this Policy carefully and comply with its terms.

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