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OTI Chef has two main objectives, firstly to preserve and promote our culture through food, culinary arts and traditions and secondly to help chefs, at all levels, find employment. 

OTI Chef has initiated a variety of projects all over Europe, bringing together different cultures and helping people from different cultures and backgrounds learn about each other and each other’s cultures.

OTI Cafe T OTI Chef Manages the OTI Café  brand, which are Cafés in all our Youth centres. 

OTI Chef hosts a variety of culinary events throughout the year as fundraising events, this is where some of the best chefs create a menu based on a specific theme and those to attend can enjoy some of the best food they will ever see and taste.  Check out our events for updates on these as they normally sell out very fast.

OTI Chefs plans to open a variety of restaurants and cafés all over the world, with the aim to employ people and to ensure that our culinary heritage is preserved and maintained.

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