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In 2021, looking at the devastation happening in the world, from COVID, increasing unemployment, increasing numbers of homeless people, forest fires, floods and the list goes on, we realised that although we contribute to helping where we can we need to find other means of resources to help those in need.  Our communities are eager to support each other as situations worsen in the world it is becoming more difficult for people to support causes without this being a financial burden on them.  

For this reason, we researched different options and decided to enter the world of Cryptocurrency, creating our own Ecosystem of cryptocurrency, allowing our communities to support our causes while getting something in return.

Why a Cryptocurrency?

Although we get financial support from different institutions, government grants and funds and a lot of support from citizens and businesses and our social enterprises, we felt by creating a Cryptocurrency, the people supporting us would also be able to get something back for their support.  With Cryptocurrency being the hype right now and being the investment of choice, we believe with the increase in value of our Cryptocurrency, our supporters will get some great returns on their support and will hopefully continue to support our causes in the future. A win-win in our opinion.

Our COINS (Tokens) Explained:

The OTI Community Token (OTICT) will focus on all 4 key areas, utilising the funds received in the areas that need the most support and helping to build our communities all over Europe in the initial phases and then expanding to the rest of the world as needed and possible for us.  This will include creating housing for the homeless, giving them shelter and food, while understanding their skills and offering training and skill development so that they can find employment.  These people will initially be employed by the project in the different areas and social enterprises we own and control.  We will support education in different areas, from supporting poor people with supplies to offering scholarships to the top students.  The project aims to eradicate unemployment and in so doing will create jobs in different areas and social enterprises.  Our environment is a priority for all of us and we will ensure a positive impact on the environment from planting trees to help with reforestation to ensuring our communities are sustainable and have a smaller carbon footprint.

When creating OTICT we wanted to be realistic and also start the initial price of the token at a logical price, allowing more people to invest and contribute towards the token and cause.  However, we realised our goals in the community and even at the hard cap, we would not be able to do everything we want to do in our communities, and that is why we created four more tokens, one for each cause.  This will not only allow us to raise more funds for these causes but would also allow our community to support and contribute to the causes they felt were closer to their hearts and beliefs. 

Our Crypto projects are still in the initial offering stages and you can get more information and support these here.

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