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Every person has a dream, some are big and some are small, and as OTI Group is made up of people who also dream, we dream of a better world.  The only difference is that we dream with our eyes open, meaning that we set our goals and ensure we reach them. 

In keeping with the trusted and known name and brand, OTI Group owns and manages a number of subsidiaries and initiatives tackling the most needed areas in the industry.  We are growing at a steady rate and expanding to more countries every day. 

OTI Group believes in equity, treating people with equality and respect, and we build our enterprises on exactly that concept, understanding the needs of the individuals and creating concepts around those needs.  We don’t create the needs; we create the solutions to the needs.

OTI Group hosts a research and innovation centre which undertakes to understand ever aspect of life, from environmental conservation to technologies of the future.  Working with the best minds on the planet, we delivery results that are innovative and complementary to a circular economy, moving with the time, and often staying ahead of the times.

OTI Group has 4 main focus points:

  • Community:
    • Working with and for our communities to make them safe and fair.  Working to overcome poverty, helping homeless people to get back into society, by providing housing, training, education and employment. 
    • Helping those families that need some extra help with food hampers and even assistance with childcare
    • Ensuring that all citizens have access to decent healthcare and treatment
    • Ensuring that all students can afford to have a healthy meal every day
  • Environment:
    • Planting trees for reforestation
    • Promote biodiversity through education and a variety of initiatives
    • Combat pollution and waste management through education and enterprise initiatives
    • Promote and create jobs in the environmental field
    • Research and Innovation for better environmental conservation
    • Educational program and activities about the environment
    • Protection of our marine life
    • Protection of our flora and fauna
  • Education
    • Offer scholarships to top students
    • Invest in research and innovation
    • Offer educational programs to help build skills and competences to improve employability
    • Offer scholarships to speciality schools for the most talented students
    • Assist children from disadvantaged area with school supplies and materials.
  • Employment
    • Expand and create new social enterprises to employ people, with the hope to employ over 1M more people by 2025
    • Invest in the most innovative business ideas
    • Invest in research and innovation
    • Educational programs and training 

These are our 4 main focal point, but these will grow as the needs of our communities change.  Together we can make our world a better place.

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