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What is OTI Group?

We are a group of social enterprises that comprise a charity, startup companies and other non-profit organisations. The group focuses on 4 main pillars in which each of which has its own social enterprises, projects and initiatives that focus on the missions of OTI Group. The four pillars are:

For example, Employment has job portals and vacancy platforms, along with blogs that inform with valuable articles about career advice, scam protection and other related issues. Community deals with projects such as charitable causes but with a sustainable innovation strategy such as shops, fundraising, policy reform for human rights and active citizenship along with other local and international approaches. Education focuses on offering learning opportunities, training, and mobilities and hosts a platform with e-courses for job seekers who want to improve their skills and anyone who wishes to gain insights and tools for self-growth. The environment pillar focuses on initiatives that bring greener solutions and innovations that support circular economy strategies along with recycling. (and reverse recycling) Local initiatives include reforestation of areas that have been burnt in recent fires and other. All pillars although can stand alone they also collaborate together on research projects to benefit both the specific projects and initiatives but also build a strong network with local and international partners.

A bit of History

OTI Group (One Terrene International Group) was established on the 6th of June 2022 as a result of the restructuring of One Terrene International's statutes since it became a registered official charity recognised by the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus and in order to facilitate all the rest of the social enterprises and let One Terrene International lead its charitable educational and research work, OTI Group was born to become the umbrella of all operations, social enterprises, startups and initiatives, and overseeing all Subsidiaries. Since the subsidiaries consist of trading entities, job portals, and other financial services, OTI Group has been growing ever since. OTI Group has been adding to its family initiatives and projects either supported by funding frameworks or other private sources.



Well, it's not only one, and as many growing entities' missions have been modified, reduced, improved, changed, disregarded and adapted through the experiences of the past, it's people that are involved with both internal and external. But an evergreen mission is to unify this world through knowledge and sharing.

To give the opportunity to anyone that wishes to better our local or international communities. To develop skills and self-confidence that everybody can offer to society in any way they can. To help young people gain knowledge and skills for self-development and provide tools for the multiplication of this knowledge to everyone. (informal, non-formal and formal education)

OTI's network and Subsidiaries have a pure and clear mission to give equal opportunities to all inhabitants of this planet; to all people young and old including those with fewer opportunities to participate in cultural and multidimensional projects and events that allow them to interact and learn from each other. To give the chance of equity and understanding of diversity in all levels of society in Europe and the world. To empower people to work together for a better tomorrow for all of us.

The mission of our network is to provide the tools for everyone to use for delivering knowledge and experiences in the vast realm of fields that affect our lives. Giving all people equal access to information, and development to contribute to our society.

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