Innovative Idea

OTI Group engages in consortiums that are dedicated to supporting new and innovative ideas either from various frameworks or fundraising events and initiatives or by completing successful projects. From these, a fund is formed by contributions from different Social Enterprises and a network of investors working closely with OTI Group.

If you feel that you have an innovative idea or concept and need financial backing, why not apply for some support from us?  Support includes; financial investment in the most innovative ideas and concepts, professional advice and consultation services and legal and accounting services.

All applications go through a rigorous feasibility check from our experts and if successful we will invite you to pitch your ideas and supply a business plan for further consideration.  If you are still at the idea stage, you may still apply, and if selected we will assist you with setting up your business plan.

Please complete this form.

Please note that you are submitting this information at your own discretion and all information submitted with be considered confidential and will not be shared outside of our evaluation team, however, we do not need a full business plan at this stage of the application, unless you feel it will benefit your application.  We receive an abundance of proposals and many ideas are similar in nature, under no circumstances can OTI Group, its Board of Directors, Staff or Investors be held liable for similarities in funded projects.  NDA will be signed prior to requesting any details prospectus on any business idea or concept.