By investing in people through education, we ensure that we make less mistakes and all aim for the same common goals.  We have identified the following problems in education today and focus our efforts on solutions for these:



• 19% of Youth don't finish school

• 37% of top students can't afford to go to university

• Not enough attention given to extremely talented individuals

• Lack of specialised training for educators, especially for those working with disadvantaged youth

• Lack of career guidance for youth, often resulting in studying in fields where there are not jobs


We plan to address these problems with the following solutions:


• Offer 25,000 University scholarships per year to top students

• Invest in research and innovation

• Offer educational programs to help build skills and competences for better employability

• Offer 25,000 Scholarships to specialised schools for top students

• Assist children from disadvantages areas and backgrounds, with school materials


Together we can support those who need our help, empowering them to stand alone and become active members of our societies. Protecting our youth and supporting education and innovation in all forms.

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