By creating employment opportunities and investing in innovation, we boost our economy and create better and stronger communities.  We have identified the following problems which will be our main priorities:


• 14M Unemployed people in Europe

• Over 700,000 registered homeless people

• 20% of new business fail due to lack of cash flow or poor management skills

• High level of unskilled labour

• 19% of people don't finish school


To address these problems we aim to work on the following:


• Create Business Angels to fund most innovated ideas

• Invest in research and innovation

• Offer educational programs to help build skills and competences for better employability

• Create over 1M jobs

• Invest in innovative business concepts and ideas


Together we can support those who need our help, empowering them to stand alone and become active members of our societies. Protecting our community by supporting employment and innovation in all forms.

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