Life is one of our main priorities, supporting life in all forms.  For this initiative we have identified the following problems which we will focus our efforts on:


• 700,000 Registered homeless people

• 14M unemployed people in Europe

• 8.6M people die each year from no or poor health care

• 20% of families can’t afford to put food on the table on a daily basis

• 37% of students can't afford to eat at school


In order to address these problems we plant to implement the following:


• Offer housing to over 100,000 families

• Provide food hampers to the poor

• Educational programs on healthy nutrition

• Support to children at schools, including food support

• Education and training to get people employed and independent again


Together we can support those who need our help, empowering them to stand alone and become active members of our societies. Protecting our youth and supporting LIFE in all forms.

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