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Thank you for your interest in investing in our projects and current investment opportunities.

All information is submitted confidentially and all GDPR rules are in place and processed according to our Privacy Policy. Your Information will only be accessed by our Board of Directors, our Auditors and our Legal advisors. Completing this form does not constitute a contract or any obligation to either party. Your Information will be used to undertake the required checks to ensure the legality of all transactions. If you are accepted as an investor for the selected project(s), we will contact you to complete the legal requirements and disclose confidential information about the selected project(s).

The undersigned herewith applies to invest in a project/venture/company managed by OTI Group Investments (hereinafter the "Fund"). OTI Group. (hereinafter the "Company") is responsible for the collective portfolio management of the Fund.

Please complete all the sections of this form with the relevant documentation.

Please contact us in case of questions or any other inquiries. 

1. Private Investor Information

1. Investor Information

Registered Address
Registered Address
Registered Address
Registered Address
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Please include the country code.

2. Type of Investment

3. Ultimate Economic Beneficiary

An ultimate economic beneficiary is the final beneficiary of the investment and who owns – directly or indirectly – more than 25% of the value of the shares subscribed. This final beneficiary can be either a private person(s) or a publicly quoted company(ies) for which more than 75% of their capital is listed on a recognized stock exchange. 

Important: In case of indirect ownership, please describe on a dated and signed chart all the intermediate levels of ownership with names and percentages. 


* the equivalency is determined on the country list applied by the fund, the company, the registrar or any agent appointed by them, please contact the Register for further details. 

** Please provide comfort letter together with this form to allow evaluation. 

4. Origin of the Monies Invested

(If the Account Holder is a regulated financial institution in an equivalent country and acting on behalf of third parties, or is covered by a KYC/AML comfort letter from a parent company that is a financial institution regulated in an equivalent country, please proceed to the next section)
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5. Expected Volumes & Frequency

Please complete the below section with your expectations in terms of investment in the fund.
The expected volumes and frequency provided will not form any kind of commitment from the account holder, the beneficial owners or the intermediary.
Expected frequency of investment contribution.
Please insert the amount or drag up to the amount you expect to invest.

6. Additional Documentation

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7. Declarations & Signature

GDPR Compliance

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