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We’ve created Policy Center so you can access easily the policies that OTI Group uses across its products, projects and services.


Privacy Policy

We at OTI want you to understand what information and privacy data we collect, why, when and how we use, process and share it.

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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers. We use cookies if you use our Services.

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Terms of Use

We build projects, products and services that enable people to build communities, and grow under these terms.

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Anti Corruption Policy

The Policy applied by the Organisation to prevent corruption, fraud, collusion and bribery practices in its activities.

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Our Green Policy

In an effort to promote environmental sustainability, OTI Group is committed to implementing practices that minimize its environmental impact and promote a greener and more environmentally friendly workplace. 

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Enrolment Terms & Conditions

The Policy applied by our Organisations and Educational Providers for enrolling participants in our courses and programmes.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The principles of power-sharing, equality, diversity, inclusion and involvement in youth and adult education, employment, participation in events and happenings with dignity and respect. 

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Child Protection Policy

 The policy includes measures such as screening and selecting employees and volunteers who work with children, reporting and responding to suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, maintaining a code of conduct for working with children, providing regular training and education on child protection issues, and creating a safe environment for children. 

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