New World Art Project


During the COVID-19 pandemic we found a lot of talented people stuck in quarantines and unable to work like they could.  OTI initiated the New World Art Project in order to promote employment, creativity and digital art.

300 unique, and spectacular digital artists from across the globe, worked together to create a new world, designing their countries, cities and town in a new world, be it on a new planet or in the metaverse. 

These 300 amazing artists, produced over 2000 pieces of magnificent pieces of art.  These works of art have been made into NFT smart contracts and will gradually be uploaded to, you can view the collection here:

Some pieces have already been sold to private collectors and supporters of our initiatives.

The artists who created these masterpieces will continue to earn from the sales of them, and all other proceeds will go towards community support mechanisms which promote:

  • Art
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Community

We thank everyone for their support in this project and look forward to promoting art in as many forms as possible in the future, while helping as many people as possible find employment in their fields.


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