OTI Education Project

As the name indicated, the OTI Education Project focuses on education.  The goal is to ensure that everyone can reach their potential and have the opportunities and tools to do so.  We focus on both formal and non-formal education, offering a variety of online courses, workshops, seminars and events that help people gain skills and competences to increase their employability.

In addition to the workshops and events, OTI also supports children in disadvantages areas, helping them with school supplies so that they can succeed.

We hope to offer 25,000 university scholarships to the top students each year, ensuring they reach the ultimate potential so that they can contribute to our world as best they can.

OTI plans on supporting the best talent in the world and ensuring they get into specialised schools to nurture their talents and give them the tools to succeed.    

Support our cause by registering for one of our online courses, or registering for one of our events, or by supporting our cause at OTI Community Support.

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