OTI Employment Project

Employment is at the core of our goals and our employment project aims to bring unemployment to a bear minimum.  In the EU, we currently have over 17 million registered unemployed people, with the average unemployment in the EU being over 7% and youth unemployment being over 17%.  The reality is that there are many companies out there looking for employees, but these two entities are just not meeting or finding each other very well.

The OTI Employment project aims to set up social enterprises that will employ people, we will be partnering with many industries to help them increase their employment capacity and we will also be offering training and skill development courses to help people find jobs.

We aim find employment for over 1 million people by the end of 2022.

In addition to helping people find employment, we will also be supporting the most innovative business ideas, offering financial aid, advice and services to help realise these ideas, again with an aim to increase employment opportunities.

The OTI Employment project is one of the most difficult projects we have undertaken, with the most challenging objectives, however with the support of our communities not only in realising these goals, but also supporting them and the initiatives and new social enterprises we establish, we believe that this project is achievable.

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