OTI Environment Project

With so many things going on in the world, the environment seems to take a back seat when it comes to priorities of people.  Yet, the environment can have such an impact on these situations, from better quality air to breath, to healthier foods we eat.  The OTI Environment project aims to give the environment the priority, it needs and deserves.

Initially we have a goal of planting 1 million trees per year, with the hope to help with reforestation, considering that 50% of the world’s forests have been destroyed.  More trees mean clean air for us to breath. 

It’s not just about planting trees in forests but making our towns and cities greener, ensuring we all have a park to go to and just enjoy the fresh air, or have a picnic.  It’s also about education, ensuring that people know how to be more environmentally conscious in their homes and in their lives.

Beyond education, we want to make all our societies better, by creating recycling facilities in areas where they are needed, building water treatment facilities, reducing pollution by improving on waste management and so much more. 

Our environment needs us, and if we don’t act on this now, we are the ones who will pay the price, be it in medical bills, or higher living costs, making a difference today, will have a great impact on our lives and on the lives of future generations.

You can support our environmental causes via the OTI Community Support Platform or PlanetEarth.Watch.

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