OTI Life Project

OTI Life Project

When we put life as a priority, we understood that we put a huge responsibility on our hands.  Life is a project that looks at our world, and tries to fix all the wrongs that exist, from helping homeless people stand on their feet, getting them off the streets and back into employment.  From helping children with school supplies so that they can succeed, and ensuring every child has a meal to eat during school.  Helping people who live below the poverty line with food hampers, and helping to lesson the financial burdens of life.

However, when we took on this responsibility, we understood that to fix the problems in our world, we need to empower people to be independent, we need to help people see their potential and help them independently fend for themselves, by offering our support and teaching them to be independent and more self-reliant.   

It is not easy for someone to ask for help these days, and it is certainly not easy to ask our community to help those who need it.  Homeless people do not choose to be homeless, the circumstances in their life drove them to a point where they had not other choices, but in our day and time, we should not accept that there are people in our world without a roof over their heads, that there are people who cannot afford a health meal, and our mission is to help these people to re-join our communities as respectable human beings.

In addition to helping our human friend, we also undertake projects that help our animal friends.  From protecting our forests to protecting our seas and oceans, and all the lives that live in them.  Animals don’t have a voice, and it is our responsibility to care for them, irrespective if they are wild creatures, or domesticated animals that we invite into our homes, they form a vital part of our lives and our ecosystem.

Our goal is to protect Life in all forms, and with your support, we can make our world a better place, one step at a time.



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